Filter cartriges

Filter cassettes

Filter cassettes, with top constructions made of a galvanised steel sheet are manufactured, analogue to the OEM cassette, of high-quality technological needle felt with various surface finishes and special treatments ready to install.

Versions available:
•  4-row
•  6-row

Special designs in stainless steel, or for the high-temperature range, are also available upon request.

Are you experiencing problems with suction performance or regeneration?

As an alternative to the filter cassettes made from needle felt, we provide a special, ready-to-install version for the optimisation of your filtration system:

•  enlargement of the filtration area
•  decreasing the load on the filtration area
•  increasing the suction performance
•  easier and more effective dedusting
•  lower energy consumption
•  with reusable drawers

Available versions:
Filter cassette with 2 pleated filter elements
•  Filter cassette with 3 pleated filter elements

Please ask us, we will be pleased to advise you!