Filter cartriges

Filter cartridges are manufactured of selected pleatable spinning fleeces, needle felts and metal fabrics and are available for all types of system and applications:

•  for installation from the raw or clean gas side
•  oil-/water repellent finish
•  antistatic
•  with ePTFE Membrane
•  with microporous foam coating
•  manufactured with BIA-tested filtration media

Special hot-gas filter cartridges for application temperatures of up to 450 °C and in environments with acids, solvents or leach, as well as Top Removal (TR) or Bottom Removal (BR) bag replacement cartridges, are also available in the highest quality. Furthermore, our product range also includes special filter cartridges, such as the multi-cell cartridge, long filter cartridge or the sawdust filter cartridge with brush dedusting. A comprehensive range of accessories is also available, such as a flow-control cylinder to aid cleaning, venturi nozzles, cartridge retainers, solenoid valves, valve controllers and much more.

Filter cassettes, with top constructions made of a galvanised steel sheet are manufactured, analogue to the OEM cassette, of high-quality technological needle felt with various surface finishes and special treatments ready to install.

Versions available:
•  4-row
•  6-row

Special designs in stainless steel, or for the high-temperature range, are also available upon request.

Are you experiencing problems with suction performance or regeneration?

As an alternative to the filter cassettes made from needle felt, we provide a special, ready-to-install version for the optimisation of your filtration system:

•  enlargement of the filtration area
•  decreasing the load on the filtration area
•  increasing the suction performance
•  easier and more effective dedusting
•  lower energy consumption
•  with reusable drawers

Available versions:
Filter cassette with 2 pleated filter elements
•  Filter cassette with 3 pleated filter elements

Please ask us, we will be pleased to advise you!