Air filters for ventilation systems

Pocket filters are used in the air ventilation and conditioning units for dust collection. 

According to the special design, pocket filters have a very large surface area.


We manufacture pocket filters in a range of G3 - F9 efficiencies and a wide range of standart and nonstandart sizes.
Pocket filters of G3 - G4 efficiencies apply as the main filters for the bigger dust particles or as the prefilters before the higher efficiency F5 - F9 filters. 

Filter efficiency chart


For the order procedure of pocket filters, following parameters are needed:
1) Filter efficiency ( G3, G4, F5 – F9, or EU3 – EU9)
2) Outside width of the frame mm  ( B )
3) Outside height of the frame mm  ( H )
4) Length of the pocket mm  ( L )  
5) Number of pockets
 There is a picture, which will help you to measure the filter


Most offten filters are made with plastic frames of 25 mm width.
Different size frames and galvonized steel frames are available upon request.


We use only high quality filter media.
The fibres of the media gradually increase in fineness towards air outlet side.
This technology enables the media to hold a considerable amount of dust, increases life time and efficiency.
All filtration materials correspond to DIN EN 779 standarts.